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The Magic of Manifestation

Manifestation is bringing something that was just a thought, feeling, of belief into physical reality. The law of attraction suggests that thoughts can become materialized. This means focusing on negative will keep you under the dark cloud that accompanies a negative mindset, while focusing on positive will help clear your perception, and allow peace and harmony to overflow, making the path to reaching your goals more fruitful. If you can think it, you can achieve it. There is some level of truly believing in yourself that is required here, and stepping into your self-esteem is a prerequisite for the law of attraction to work positively in your life. This is not to say life is always simple or easy but life is constantly presenting you with a blank canvas. Your thoughts and feelings have the power to inspire you or hold you back. In addition to having a clear mind, taking action is a mandatory part of the manifestation process.

Each one of these supports successful manifestation:



Conscious or subconscious work

In addition to the understanding the law of attraction, there are important steps you must follow in order to manifest what it is you desire.


Visualize what you want, write it down and be as specific as possible in your vision. Your vision ultimately should be something that is a significant step on your journey, but successfully manifesting small things can be inspiring. Starting small is a start, and sometimes that is the hardest part.

If you are not sure what it is you would like to manifest consider reflecting on these questions and ideas:

  • What does my ideal career look like?

  • What does my ideal relationship look like?

  • What does my most authentic or higher self look like?

You could also start with a simple list of 20-25 things you would like to manifest, while this is a starting point, to truly manifest, you will need to choose one or two you are ready to get specific about.


You must be intensely excited about what you are visualizing. Along with being intensely excited, you must again, be incredibly specific. Once you have gained clarity on what it is you want, you must ask the Universe. You can ask by way of prayer, meditation, writing a letter, visualization or vision boarding, this going to help you continuously be more specific. Make your requests daily to help invite clarity.

Of course your desire has to be strong, but it is of utmost importance that once you know what you truly desire that you also remain positive.

Co-Create with the Universe

At this point you have already gotten clear on what it is you wish to manifest. It is important to act and behave like your desire has already manifested. Setting goals and working towards your goals increases your chances of receiving what you want.

Write down 3 actions, and take action each day. Do not stop taking action.

Trust Your Process + Believe

You have to believe what you desire is possible to manifest. Feelings of frustration and discouragement will come and go. When you are struggling and wondering when and if things are going to happen, you are not trusting the process. If you do not believe manifestation will work, it will not work. A positive mindset will keep you going.

Stop Resisting

First, take inventory of what might be holding you back. Letting go is a requirement for manifestation. Be sure you take stock of limiting beliefs, toxic people, and timing. Your timing might seem off, but trusting the process is necessary for the manifestation process. Pain, frustration, stubbornness, resentment, fears, anxiety, and regrets will surely hold you back. Detach from the outcome, lean in and watch how things start to unfold.

It is true, when you change your mind, you change everything. Continuously fill in these blanks:

  • I am...

  • I have...

  • I will...

  • I do...

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