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Unwavering Self-Care

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

In the process of radical self-care there is an unspoken presence, a list of to-dos that precedes a fancy bubble bath, or fixing a nice meal; it is an added layer of energy that infuses your self-care to-dos. Radical self-care in no way discounts these actions, but instead pushes you to consider the much larger potential of self-care. Radical self-care can help you find a more empowered version of yourself, ultimately propelling you towards better mental health.

Is your cup actually full?

The care and energy you give to others comes from the overflow of your own cup, it in no way depletes your cup. It is important to consider the ways in which you distribute your efforts and energy. Not only is “no” a complete sentence but it is incredibly taxing to pour your energy into people, situations or circumstances that are draining and, feeling drained can signify the unhealthy dynamics of your relationship to others.

Radical self-care encourages and empowers you to resist external influence. This gives you full permission to be your authentic self, and to seek divine refuge in your own inner sanctuary. Through radical self-care you will discover acceptance and the opportunity for growth. When you practice radical self-care the way you make decisions is positively altered, and reminds you that you are the captain of your ship.

The Recipe for Positivity

Radical self-care supports you being more positive, more often. Self-nurturing and self-nourishment are purveyors of a more positive life. Oftentimes misconstrued as being self-indulgent, radical self-care is a source of self-protection. The company you keep is influential and when the people you spend your time with deplete your energy, radical self-care can look like cutting ties with those who do not support you, and diminish you or your sense of self-worth. This is where boundaries become essential and positivity becomes your priority.

“...we thrive when we have the space to be “in relationship with,” not “subsumed by” others.”

Radical self-care includes mind, body, and spirit. Your body takes care of your mind and when you have been so caught up in your thoughts, it is easy to neglect your body. The health of your body relies on your mental health and vice versa. Regular exercise does not only support the health of your body, but can also help remedy mental health struggles.

Here is an important question-- what allows you to tune into the quiet space deep within yourself? Meditation? Prayer? A different mindfulness practice? Whatever it is that supports you, finding quiet within yourself is invaluable, and likely points back to the ways in which you set boundaries or set aside time for yourself.

Give yourself space to feel and express all of your emotions. Give yourself permission to laugh, to cry, to dream, to hope, and to ponder.

Give yourself permission to practice radical self-care.

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