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Finding Your Voice, Tapping Into Your Personal Power

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Your voice is powerful and sometimes it is not easy to tap into your personal power and use your voice effectively. As we navigate a time of social, political and equality issues knowing where you stand and knowing how to use your voice can be stressful. Courageous conversation and taking a stance is important right now but acting from an informed place takes vigor and an ample amount of self-study.

It is incredibly important to remember that your voice is unique and special, therefore, providing you with unique and special opportunities.

The tips below will not only help you to uncover your voice but will also help you to organize your thoughts as opposed to being consumed by them. Give yourself the gift of silence and stillness to reflect. Cultivating some internal peace before taking the time to reflect is how you can create space for productivity and change. These questions will help you to tap into your personal power and unveil your voice.

What makes you angry?

This question is not about what frustrates you, things like long lines, or people with poor manners, this is about what evokes your desire to intervene. When considering what angers you consider what moves you to a space of compassion, perhaps to rectify a wrong.

What makes you sad?

Watching oppression happen before your eyes can invoke emotion. Feelings of sadness can help you to spring into action but first you must turn your energy around. There are many unheard voices and while this is sad, can you use your talents or maybe even your own voice to liberate others. If you can turn your sadness into action, you will likely begin to turn sadness into empowerment. Start working on your action plan.

You are the master.

What have you mastered? What skill have you mastered? What can you do with little to no thought? Where you are the master is where your voice will begin to unveil itself. This is where internal power comes to life. Work with what you do well and then work toward your highest goals.

What would thrill you?

I challenge you to a list of 30 thrills, it is likely everything after 15 will challenge you. Make this list every six months and start to notice your motivation patterns. You will then be able to navigate your motivation, and turn it into power.

You already have the platform.

Our starting point is always different but you already have a platform. What is your platform? What foundations can you build on?

What change would you like to see?

THINK BIG. BE SPECIFIC. What change do you want to see? This can be something big like changes you would like to see in the world, or changes you would like to see in your most intimate relationships.

Finding or at least exploring your voice can help you to navigate shyness and self-consciousness. Your thoughts and experience are valuable. Start practicing confidence.

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