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The Power of Mantra

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Uncertainty has become the leading cause of stress, anxiety, panic, fear, and disconnection. Because of the state of our world, I will be offering self-empowering activities to boost morale, in the weeks to come.

What is a Mantra?

Mantras are words or affirmations to aid in meditation, but can be recited out loud to help shift perspective and quiet the chatter that sometimes fills the mind. Mantra requires single-pointed concentration, making it incredibly meditative. It can also help to calm the central nervous system.

How to Use Mantras?

Mantras can simply be recited, and repeated out loud, or you can take time to meditate on your mantra, cultivating peace and connection. Mantras are there for you when your mind begins to wonder, or you need a morale boost.

Walking meditations are powerful and grounding. Write your mantra on a piece of paper and take it along with you on your daily walk. Make it your intention to walk with purpose, notice the support of the earth, notice your breath, notice your surroundings, re-read your mantra and keep going.

“In the infinity of life where I am, all is perfect, whole and complete, and yet life is ever changing. There is no beginning and no end, only a constant cycling and recycling of substance and experiences. Life is never stuck or static or stale, for each moment is ever new and fresh,. I am one with the very Power that created me, and this Power has given me the power to create my own circumstances. I rejoice in the knowledge that I have the power of my own mind to use in any way I choose. Every moment of life is a new beginning point as we move from the old. This moment is a new point of beginning for me here and right now. All is well in my world.” -Louise Hay


In Louise Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life she writes, “ I Find That Resentment, Criticism, Guilt and Fear Cause More Problems Than Anything Else.” Here are mantras you can use to find more stability and ease.

Dealing with Resentment

Based on the definition from the Oxford dictionary, resentment is, “bitter indignation at having been treated unfairly." Resentment can hold you hostage, if you let it of course. Finding forgiveness is like finding freedom. Consider these questions?

  • Is my resentment holding me back from my own abundance?

  • Am I harboring anger at someone for something that happened years ago?

  • Is being angry more work than letting go?

  • How do I feel when I see or speak to this person?

Consider this mantra: “Good things are happening to me and for me. I am happy. My life is abundant. The process of life is on my side. I expand my awareness and consciousness to share with others. My life is plentiful.”

Dealing with Criticism

Right now it is easy to get down on yourself, wondering if you are doing enough; wondering if you have done enough; wondering if you are doing this or that right. Many businesses have laid off their entire staff, many parents have become their children’s one and only teacher; there is no shortage of pathways to self-criticism. Where has criticism actually taken you?

In order to receive anything we must first be at the right frequency to receive, otherwise we miss out on our gifts, talents and accomplishments.

Try this mantra: “I love and accept myself just as I am. I deserve to take up space. I have the right to be here. I love and accept myself just as I am."

Dealing with Guilt

Guilt harbors punishment and keeps you tightly bound to the past. Ridding yourself of guilt is like being freed from a jail cell.

Work through guilt with this mantra: “I am here. I choose to be present. I choose to see my self-worth. The past is over. I choose to let go. I love and accept myself just as I am."

Dealing with Fear

It is a scary time, and it is important to experience and name your emotions.

Here is a mantra for fear: “I choose to be present. I am safe. It is safe to feel. All I need is always taken care of. I am free to move forward with love in my heart. I am safe.”

Self-approval and self-acceptance are prerequisites for positive change in all aspects of life, no matter the circumstances. Our day to day existence is incredibly different, but if we can find the power to practice mantras, we practice finding the power to change our minds.

You have the choice to give thoughts, negative or positive power.

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